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Dear Parent/Guardian:

 As winter ends and spring arises, the administration and staff at Hilfiker start to prepare for the spring Ohio Achievement Assessment .  The Ohio Department of Education requires all students in grade 3-5 to take the OAA’s as a way to measure students on what they know and are able to do in various subjects and provide a score for all students, grade levels, schools and districts. At Hilfiker we strive to make our school the absolute best it can be!  In order to achieve at the highest level, it requires dedication, preparation, perseverance and hard work from the community, staff, parents and students.

 Teachers in grades 3, 4 and 5 have already began the process of preparing students for the spring OAA.  Nightly and weekly homework, as well as daily lessons in the classroom have been prepared with the OAA spring testing in mind.  It is imperative that parents work closely with their students on a nightly basis with their homework.  Parents need to become familiar with how the test questions will be designed and impress upon their son or daughter the importance of doing their very best while preparing for the test and ultimately with taking the test itself.

 This spring, Hilfiker will offer an afterschool program to provide additional test preparation for any student willing to participate.  The program will run March 17th through May 1st, Monday through Thursday from 3-4pm.  This is a great opportunity for students to get quality preparation from highly qualified educators that will ultimately lead to improved test scores.  More information about how to register for the Afternoon Test prep will be provided soon.

 Along with the classroom and afterschool preparation, Hilfiker will also provide a link on the school’s website where students and parents can go and choose from multiple sites for even more OAA test preparation.  The link is titled OAA TEST PREP.  From the link; students and parents can download or take an on-line duplicate test, that has been released from previous years.  Students and parents can go here, practice taking a test and get immediate results. There are also links to videos and power point presentation about helpful test taking tips for parents and kids.  Parents can also see first hand what their students will be faced with when the actual test occurs in the spring.

 As an incentive for students who complete “extra” tests, Hilfiker will be offering a drawing for any student who brings in a completed OAA EXTRA TEST PREP verification slip signed by both the student and parent. The student’s name will be entered into a drawing for a Gift Basket full of fun and exciting prizes and gift cards from area businesses and restaurants every time they complete a test.  So, the more extra test prep work a student completes, the better chance they have to win this great prize!

 Every student at Hilfiker has the opportunity to be EXCELLENT!  But it will take a collective effort from teachers and parents to work together at making sure we have exhausted every resource necessary to prepare our sons and daughters to perform at their absolute best on the Ohio Achievement Assessment.

 Nothing GREAT has ever been achieved without HARD WORK!  Lets work together at making Hilfiker Great!



  Matt Harp

Principal, Hilfiker Elementary




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