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Thom Loomis
Director of Technology and Instruction

Technology Plan

If you have questions regarding technology
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Local Professional Development Committee


Recommended Certificate Conversion/License

Renewal Procedures

The Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 3:05 p.m. in the Board Office and during the summer months on an as needed basis. At this time the LPDC reviews Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDPs), pre-approve activities, and grant final approval of portfolios. Educators can expect to receive notification of approval, recommendations for revisions or rejection within three working days after the LPDC meeting.

Step One:      Complete your Individual Professional Development Plan Proposal (IPDP), print it and submit a total of 6 copies to building LPDC representative no later than noon on the Friday before the first Tuesday of each month.   


Step Two:      Once your IPDP has been approved, begin completing activities that are relevant to theidentified goal areas of your plan. Be sure to document the time and collect necessary verification of completion. Please note that some activities may need LPDC pre-approval to ensure that the activity will be granted credit

Step Three:   Maintain a file/portfolio of your documentation. The GEVS will keep a copy of documentation in your LPDC file at the Gibsonburg Board of Education Office.

Step Four:     Following January 1 of the year your certificate/license is due to expire, submit your completed portfolio, including original transcripts and pre-approved LPDC forms which documents 180 clock hours of activities or 18 CEUs, 6 semester hours,(or a combination of the 2) to the LPDC for final approval. Go online to complete the application process located on the ODE website in your SAFE account. Have criminal background checks completed according to current ODE guidelines. See negotiation agreement for dates and opportunity to obtain free background checks.

Step Five:      Wait for the arrival of your new license from the State Department of Education.



Sample IPDP Form

IPDP Goal Ideas

Aligning License Form

PreApproval Form

Sample PreApproval Form

Activity Guideline Form

Exiting LPDC Form

LPDC Contacts:

Julie Bickford — Chair Person — Hilfiker Elementary School

Joe Kaiser — Hilfiker Elementary School

Sonia Herman — Middle/High School

Kyle Rase — Gibsonburg Middle School

Emily Sisco — Hilfiker Elementary School

Employment Opportunities

Bus Driver

Substitute Nurse

Contact Nurse Sarah at
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Professional Application

Classified Application

Extra-Curricular Application

 Background Check Form


kahmann John Kahmann

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301 Sunset Ave. 
Gibsonburg, OH 43431

5 Year Forecast     Assumptions     Board Summary

New Employee Forms Employee Forms
Employment Eligibility (I-9) Federal Tax Form
Federal Tax Form State Tax Form
Non-Assistance to a Terrorist Organization Inventory Activity Form
School Employee Retirement System New Hire Form Requisition Form
SSA-1945 Form for Non-Social Security Job Sick-Professional Leave Form
State Tax Form Personal Leave Form
State Teachers Retirement System New Hire Form HSA Contributions
State Teachers Retirement SystemReemployeed Retiree Form









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