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Joe King

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740 S Main St. Gibsonburg, OH 43431     Phone: 419-637-2500     Fax: 419-637-2046

Health Services


Sarah Halbeisen


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Director of Health Services

Nurse Sarah 

7th Grade Immunization Newsletter

12th Grade Immunization Newsletter

Immunization Update

Medication Policy


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Health Forms

Kindergarten Physical Form

Food Allergy Physician Form

Oral Assessment Form

Preschool Physical Form

Preschool Child Medical Statement Form

Health History Form  

Medication Form

Face Covering Exemption Request Form- STUDENT 

 Face Covering Exemption Request Form- STAFF/VOLUNTEER

 Authorization to Disclose Immunizations




Health Information



Hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease


Sore Throat




Poison Ivy

When To Stay Home 

Asthma 2

Ear Infection


Ring Worm

10 Health Tips 

Bed Bugs

Fifth’s Disease



 Face Covering Requirements

Cold vs. Flu



Seasonal Influenza



Health Resources

Free Dental Exam

Shriners Hospital

Health Coverage Programs Application

Free Prescription Sports Goggles

Infant SEE Program

JAMin Min

Public Sandusky County COVID-19 Testing Sites   COVID-19 School Dashboard 


 Students with Allergies 

1. If your child has an allergy and requires the use of an Epi-pen for anaphylactic prevention, the Epi-Pen Form   must be completed by the student's physician who prescribed the Epi pen. 
     *The Epi-pen must be provided to the school in the original box with the prescription label.
     *If the student is in middle or high school, he/she may carry their Epi-pen on them. However, a back up Epi-Pen MUST be provided to the office. 
2. The Food Allergy Action Plan  must be completed by the student's physician and returned to the office. 
3. If the student has a food allergy, your physician must complete the Medical Statement/ Food Allergy  from so the cafeteria can make appropriate accommodations. 
Tips for Parents of Elementary Students:

1. Pack a lunch for your child and have him/her sit at the buyer’s table. Although our Hilfiker kitchen (NOT middle or high school kitchen) is “peanut free” we cannot guarantee products were not manufactured in a peanut-free factory. Also, although we discourage parents to pack anything with peanuts for their children, it is not mandatory.

2. Provide a “Safe Snack Box” to your teacher. This container is to be filled with safe snacks/treats that your child is not at risk of having a reaction to. The purpose of this box is so your child will not feel left out when other classmates bring a treat to class. The teacher can pull a treat from the safe snack box avoiding any potential exposure.

3. Contact Mrs. Jeanne Brink, Food Service Supervisor, regarding your concerns so necessary accommodations can be made in the cafeteria. 419-637-7249

4. Take your child and introduce them to all his/her teachers (i.e. classroom teacher, elementary specials teachers: physical education- Ms. Diane Borys, music- Mr. Joe Kaiser, art- Ms. Marty Atkinson). Introducing your child, will aid the faculty in being able to better identifying your child and be familiar with his/her medical needs.

5. Have paperwork completed by a parent/guardian and physician so an epi-pen may be stored in the locked medicine cabinet in the nurse’s office.

6. Provide an Epi-pen to the school and school bus driver if your child rides the bus. Be sure the Epi-pen is in the box with the prescription label on the box.  Bus drivers are aware that Epi-pens are not to be stored on the bus as Epi-pens are temperature sensitive. 

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network


Local Professional Development Committee


Recommended Certificate Conversion/License 

Renewal Procedures

The Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 3:05 p.m. in the Board Office and during the summer months on an as needed basis. At this time the LPDC reviews Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDPs), pre-approve activities, and grant final approval of portfolios. Educators can expect to receive notification of approval, recommendations for revisions or rejection within three working days after the LPDC meeting. 

Step One:      Complete your Individual Professional Development Plan Proposal (IPDP), print it and submit a total of 6 copies to building LPDC representative no later than noon on the Friday before the first Tuesday of each month.   


Step Two:      Once your IPDP has been approved, begin completing activities that are relevant to theidentified goal areas of your plan. Be sure to document the time and collect necessary verification of completion. Please note that some activities may need LPDC pre-approval to ensure that the activity will be granted credit  

Step Three:   Maintain a file/portfolio of your documentation. The GEVS will keep a copy of documentation in your LPDC file at the Gibsonburg Board of Education Office.

Step Four:     Following January 1 of the year your certificate/license is due to expire, submit your completed portfolio, including original transcripts and pre-approved LPDC forms which documents 180 clock hours of activities or 18 CEUs, 6 semester hours,(or a combination of the 2) to the LPDC for final approval. Go online to complete the application process located on the ODE website in your SAFE account. Have criminal background checks completed according  to current ODE guidelines. See negotiation agreement for dates and opportunity to obtain free background checks. 

Step Five:      Wait for the arrival of your new license from the State Department of Education.




Sample IPDP Form

IPDP Goal Ideas

Aligning License Form

PreApproval Form

Sample PreApproval Form

Activity Guideline Form

Exiting LPDC Form

Final Checklist   


LPDC Contacts:  

Julie Bickford — Chair Person — Hilfiker Elementary School 

Joe Kaiser — Hilfiker Elementary School 

Sonia Herman — Middle/High School 

Kyle Rase — Gibsonburg Middle School 

Emily Sisco — Hilfiker Elementary School 

Special Education

Director of Special Education
Tabatha Elson
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School Psychologist
Lore Rywalski
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Special Education Main Office is located at Hilfiker Elementary.


To view every child as an individual. To refresh student learning by motivating them with engaging activities while building  trust and rapport with students, their parents and community. 

Any student ages 3 through 21 identified as a student with a disability under The Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act, IDEA, will be serviced according to Ohio’s Operating Standards for Ohio’s Schools Serving Children with Disabilities.  Our goal is to provide students with a free and appropriate education while providing them with specifically designed instruction and meeting their individual needs. 


As of August 1, 2017 Whose IDEA is This? will be replaced with A Guide to Parent Rights in Special Education. We have included the link to our website for you to have access to this resource. 

We have also included the link for the memorandum addendum of the Whose IDEA is This? that occurred in 2014.   

Below is a link to the Ohio Department of Education’s web page and a link to our State Support Team –Region 1 website for other frequently asked questions and valuable resources.



Brenda Longoria: Pre K Steve Barnaclo: 6th-8th grade Brianna Gosche 9th-12th grade
Julie Bickford: 2nd and 3rd grade Greg Spoores 6th-8th grade Coutrney Gysan: 9th-12th grade
Jenna Corron: 4th grade Steve Smith: 6th-12th grade  
Andrea Graber: 5th grade    
Veronica Knieriem: K-5th grade    
Theresa Herman: Speech and Language Pathologist Pre K-12th grade


Dee Haubert: Pre K Calin Nichols: Pre K Lori Greider: Pre K Kelly Copley: Elementary
Darlene Roberts: Middle/High School Melissa Rosenberger: Elementary Devon Stevens: Middle/High School Rose McKnight: Elementary Librarian
Kim Hockenberry: Recces Amber Turner: Middle/High School Jen Younker: Middle/High School Katie Sleek: Middle/High School
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